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Qubit M - Menu on Tab, the most pressing concern is the sense of insecurity and loss due to chances of theft or misplacement of “Qubit M” device


Qubit M Application theme does not match my Business Profile in terms of our Logo colour, font style etc..


With Qubit M App there will be no Human Factor to our services which the Hospitality Industry is all about.


What additional features does Qubit M App provide to consider this as a Value Proposition?



Qubit M Ver.2 can be made virtually bound to a geographical area so that Qubit M as a software will trigger a response when the device enters or leaves your Business area, thus making it secure.


Qubit M Ver. 2 Theme is capable of being customised in terms of colors, font style etc. to match your Business Profile.


You will agree that much of the time of the waiter is wasted in taking the order, especially in situations when there is a big group and the Customer is still deciding. Qubit M App Ver. 2 allows Customer to Place Order without requiring any waiters presence. This, way you as an Organisation save adequate manpower to efficiently use them in other areas of your business.

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