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Our Qubit suite of smartphone software

The best way to change the status quo of any business, individual or theory is to take inspiration from quantum physics.

However, as we reach a point of technological saturation with this concept, one can’t help but wonder, what next? Enter quantum computing.

Make your menu

Come alive and smart

We have created a live menu which gives an immersive experience to restaurant patrons, helping them in deciding their order. While they spend time on different dishes, our system collects data which is useful for you, the restaurant owner in understanding which menu items are most desirable.

Qubit M is the Menu of the present. It has been architected to create an immersive experience for the patrons and to give advanced and strategic intelligence to the property owner to be able to create the best experience while increasing bottom line profits for their establishment(s).

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The common thread connecting all hospitality businesses worldwide is to create convenience and happiness for patrons. Qubit H is our Hospitality app for Small and Large hospitality brands to give their patrons an immersive experience after checking in. A state-of-the-art app, which can be rendered both in an in-house tablet or the patron’s smartphone, allows access to all the information that is otherwise found in the “leather binder that no one opens”.

H was developed to give patrons easy access to all your services, in-house menus and how to get around and about the hotel as well as the city.

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Empowering the Assembly

Line of the future

We have explored the most simple (and most complex) of systems being used in global assembly lines in factories and plants of all shapes and sizes, and we learned that human error is still the top cause of losses due to incorrect transfer of information. We have built a digital nervous system that will run below and parallel with your current legacy software system.

Our tablet and smartphone based application allows assembly line managers and project managers in factories reduce their error margins to zero using our ScanSend technology.

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The future

Of showcasing Real estate

We have created a software for Real Estate builders to give an immersive experience to your customers, without visiting your site(s).

Qubit R is a cutting-edge tablet based software will give a detailed floor plan and a complete walk-through of the property, along with clarity on the various sizes of your offering, as well as finance calculator, to prime them before they visit and finalize their investment.

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Make your Club

accessible and contemporary

We present to you the next-gen manager of your club that makes the experience of your members simplified, effortless and enjoyable.

Qubit C is an application built to enable members to remain connected to the club and fellow members at all times, simply with a touch of a button. Cost-effective, proactive and efficient, Qubit C is the future of club businesses.

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