Empowering the Assembly line of the future

Scrap Maintenance

The scrap generated at each level of a steel processing mill usually goes unaccounted for. Qubit A maintains and stores accurate information about scrap.

Empowering the Assembly

line of the future

We have explored the most simple (and most complex) of systems being used in global assembly lines in factories and plants of all shapes and sizes, and we learned that human error is still the top cause of losses due to incorrect transfer of information. We have built a digital nervous system that will run below and parallel with your current legacy software system. Our tablet and smartphone based application allows assembly line managers and project managers in factories reduce their error margins to zero using our ScanSend technology.

Our system breaks down every process of the plant into simpler steps and generate a QR code, which automatically appends information to your docket, so there is no human intervention needed. The facility managers just Scan & send it to the next process.

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